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Our White Label DevOps Services

Cloud Migration


Hire DevOps engineers from us to help your clients rapidly and safely migrate live production applications to one or more cloud platforms, i.e., AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. We perform zero-downtime, smooth data migrations from MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL.

Cloud Management


We have a 24/7 team to provide various offshore DevOps solutions and manage multiple application stacks. Our team is capable of resolving DNS, SSL, and Infrastructure level issues. The team scans sites, receives alerts, verifies, fixes, and escalates. The team also prepares site stability reports.

Cloud Automation


When you partner with us for DevOps outsourcing services, you get access to experts proficient in various areas. For instance, we provide offshore cloud automation services, auto-scaling, load balancing, regional latency optimization, fail-over, and backup of JavaScript, RoR, PHP, and .NET-based app stack running on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.



As an experienced offshore DevOps solutions provider, we know the right tools required to help agencies reliably scale. We use Jenkins, TeamCity, TFS, and other tools to set up Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment. This includes Staging/QA and Production pipeline setups, troubleshooting, and management.

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Our DevOps Services

Hire DevOps Engineers for Services Around AWS, Azure, Google, and Other Cloud Platforms.


AWS Expertise:

  • EC2
  • Lambda
  • Auto Scaling
  • OpsWorks
  • Load Balancing
  • CloudWatch
  • ECS
  • CloudFormation
  • ECR
  • CloudTrail
  • EKS
  • IAM
  • S3
  • Secrets Manager
  • EBS
  • Key Management Service
  • EFS
  • Certificate Manager
  • DynamoDB
  • VPC
  • Aurora
  • Route53
  • RDS
  • CloudFront
  • MySQL
  • CodeCommit
  • Postgres
  • CodeBuild
  • Cassandra
  • CodeDeploy
  • Elasticsearch
  • CodePipeline
  • ElastiCache
  • SNS
  • Database Migration Service
  • SQS
  • Elastic Beanstalk
Google Cloud

Google Cloud Expertise:

  • Container as a Service
  • Redis
  • Cloud Functions
  • MongoDB
  • App Engine
  • Cassandra
  • Google Kubernetes Engine(GKE)
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Compute Engine
  • Cloud Endpoints
  • VMs
  • Cloud Security Scanner
  • Persistent Disk
  • Autoscaling
  • Cloud Filestore
  • Load Balancing
  • Cloud Bigtable
  • Cloud DNS
  • App Engine SDK
  • Cloud VPN
  • Cloud SQL
  • BigQuery
  • Cloud Datastore
  • Cloud Dataflow
  • Cloud Spanner
  • Cloud Translation
  • Dialogflow
Our DevOps Services

Azure Expertise:

  • App Service
  • Cognitive Services
  • Resource Manager
  • Bot Service
  • Virtual Machines
  • Queue Storage
  • Virtual Network
  • Managed Disks
  • Load Balancer
  • Table Storage
  • Application Gateway
  • Blob Storage
  • Traffic Manager
  • Application Insights
  • SQL Database
  • Azure DevOps Azure
  • Azure SQL
  • Front Door
  • SQL Server
  • Application Gateway
  • Database Elastic Pool
  • Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Redis Cache

CI/CD Stack:

  • Jenkins
  • QMetry
  • TeamCity
  • Selenium
  • Gitlab CI
  • Appium
  • CircleCI
  • Artifactory
  • CruiseControl
  • Docker
  • Bomboo
  • SonarQube
  • Hudson
  • Clover
  • Maven
  • Cucumber
  • Ant
  • Kubernetes
  • Gant
  • AWS
  • Jira
  • Azure
  • Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • GCP
  • Chef
  • Digital Ocean
  • Puppet
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Flexible Engagement Models

Hire Dedicated DevOps Engineers or Teams

With our services, you’re able to hire dedicated remote specialists on a monthly rolling basis, who work exclusively for you for 8 hours a day (Monday to Friday) and, for all intents and purposes, function as your extended team.

  • Lower hourly rate
  • Same developer(s) on all your projects
  • 20 hrs of QA included with each resource
  • No lock-in, cancel anytime
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Hire Dedicated DevOps Engineers or Teams

Hire Dedicated
DevOps Engineers or Teams

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Get a Fixed Cost Quote

We work with your team on projects that have a clearly defined brief, budget, and timeline. You provide the designs, and we code your site. Any layered design file format works for us: Photoshop, Adobe XD, Sketch, Illustrator, Figma, etc.

  • Fixed-price quote
  • Well documented scope of work
  • Quality assurance included
  • 30-day bug fixing guarantee
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Get a Fixed Cost Quote

Get a Fixed Cost

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How Dedicated DevOps
Engineer Hiring Works?

Dedicated Hiring

Select Your Team

We are here to help you out in terms of selecting the best candidate according to your requirement and need

  1. We compare our teams’ skills with your needs.
  2. You can take an interview with DevOps engineers before hiring.
  3. You can commence a one-week risk-free trial with your DevOps engineers.

Work Commences with Daily Reporting

Experience productivity from your specialists

  1. Our DevOps engineers will work dedicatedly on your project.
  2. You will receive daily code check-ins and current reporting in timesheet software.
  3. Give feedback and align the team with your needs.
Work Commence With Daily Reporting
Consistent Delivery

Experience Consistent Delivery

Our team become integrated with your company -

  1. Assign one or several projects to them.
  2. Increase or decrease team size according to business requirements.
  3. Work with the same team members to acquire consistent productivity.
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Get One Week of Work For Free

Get One Week of Work, FREE of Charge

The trial can either be a small task or a certain amount of hours until you are sure of our quality and commitment. Usually, the trial lasts for one week.

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USACurrency: USD
UKCurrency: GBP
EUCurrency: EUR
AustraliaCurrency: AUD
USA Currency: USD
$2500 - $3000
UK Currency: GBP
£1500 - £2000
EU Currency: EUR
€1800 - €2500
Australia Currency: AUD
$2800 - $3500*
Fixed Cost
USA Currency: USD
UK Currency: GBP
EU Currency: EUR
Australia Currency: AUD

*GST applicable

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Why Outsource DevOps Services to NonStopWork?

Access to Top DevOps Talent

Access to Top DevOps Talent

It’s not easy to find DevOps specialists who bring a unique combination of skills and experience. But, when you reach us for white label DevOps services, you get instant access to some of the top DevOps engineers delivering excellent cloud DevOps services. Since we hire the cream of the crop, you can rest easy knowing our engineers will use battle-tested tools and have the right mindset to execute things beyond the technical.

Successful Deployments

Successful Deployments

Our deployment success rates are well-liked by our partners. So, if you hire DevOps engineers from us for your client’s project, know that you’re in good hands. We leverage our many-year experience to deploy your client’s apps on the cloud in a matter of days and sometimes, even hours. We also implement continuous deployment strategies to remove any problems before end-users see them.

Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs

You may pay more to experiment on your client’s DevOps project if you entirely depend on your in-house engineers with limited expertise. On the other hand, as a leading white label DevOps services agency, we have a broader exposure to handling various needs like CI/CDs, bug fixes, automation, migrations, etc., for many agencies. So, we have it in us to tackle any complex DevOps need, reducing the costs and risks of ‘new’ experiments throughout the build cycles.

Faster Product Releases

Faster Product Releases

Since we breathe a strong DevOps culture, we’re highly cross-functional and well-coordinated while offering DevOps outsourcing services. This leads to better collaboration and faster releases. We’re also big believers in Agile methods, which we use to break large DevOps projects into smaller batches. We keep track of the progress and what everything looks like in each batch, resulting in a well-tested software product at the end.

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What Our Clients Says

97 Out Of 100 Clients Have Given Us A 5-Star Rating On Google & Clutch

Tom Condit

Excellent Customer Service


I needed help with several websites and they stepped in and delivered exactly what I needed. Not only were the technical aspects executed but their level of support and feedback was more than I expected.

Tom Condit
Founder, CEO at Coded Sky Design
Roy Kimchi

Great team of talented developers


We hired NonStopWork to help us with some web improvements and design on two of our websites. They worked on optimizing the layout and functionality and tailoring the sites for SEO purposes.

Roy Kimchi
Director of Audio at Richter10.2 Media Group
James Moris

Amazing web developer and company to work with!


NonStopWork built out StudioSesh’s web platform as we went from mobile to a more enterprise solution focus. They are communicative, fast, creative, reliable, and very affordable! Their account manager and product team.

James Morris
Co-Founder & COO at StudioSesh
Jade Sholty

Excellent Work & Attentive to Our Needs


This was my first time hiring NonStopWork. We needed some custom development work done and they did a great job. I don't typically hire outside firms like this but after working with them.

Jade Sholty
Client Focused Web Marketing, Design & Development at Water Walk Media
Farhat Muruwat

Excellent Communication. Friendly Staff. Awesome Project Manager


I used NonStopWork in my technical projects and coding. The team has excellent communication and really care about performing the task well. They respond quickly to emails.

Farhat Muruwat
Digital Marketing Specialist / SEO specialist at Intellectual Point
Ken Hallt

Smooth process and delivery was great.


I used NonStopWork in my technical projects and coding. The team has excellent communication and really care about performing the task well. They respond quickly to emails and they charge a reasonable price for the service.

Ken Hallt
Digital Marketing Specialist / SEO specialist at Intellectual Point
Paul Braun

A dependable part of our team


We are very pleased with our partnership with NonStopWork (NSW). After having had several (all) bad experiences with outsourcing, we find NSW gets it right. They offer a trial period where you can swap out to a new staff personnel.

Paul Braun
Owner, at AccuNet Web Services
Fred Leftrict

Great work by the NonStopWork team!


I have had an excellent experience with NonStopWork. Anir, Uzzal and Susmita have been responsive and professional in responding to my requests and meeting the needs of my company. I recommend them highly!!

Fred Leftrict
Digital Marketing Specialist / SEO specialist at Intellectual Point

White Label DevOps FAQs

As far as the technical benefit is concerned, our modern-day DevOps strategies can help your clients reduce the software builds to short-term releases, which isn’t possible with traditional software development cycles often taking over 4 to 5 months. If we are talking about the cultural benefit, our transparent communication fosters a sense of accountability among all. As far as the business benefits go, we can adjust, pivot, and mold best practices to satisfy your clients, leading your customers to value you more by looking at your agility.

The drill is simple. You outsource your client’s DevOps project to us. We’ll evaluate the project and understand its challenges. We’ll give you a final quote after the evaluation. Once you approve the quote, we’ll get an NDA signed by you and resume work. We’ll allocate a Project Manager or dedicated DevOps engineers to ensure better services. We’ll provide you with timely reports about how things are moving and what’s the latest progress. After completing the project, we’ll hand over the work to you to help you resell them to your clients as your own created services.

You can either tell us your client’s requirements, and we’ll pair you with skilled DevOps engineers who fit the role. Or you can interview our engineers you think would be the best fit. We assure you of high-quality software development for both cases because we prescreen the best talent through rigorous interviews and coding assessments. Plus, almost 75% of our agency is middle and senior engineers. So, when you hire DevOps engineers from us, you’ll realize that it pays to invest in our people for your client’s work that needs to be done well.

Yes, of course. Your brand will be able to provide excellent DevOps consulting services to your clients because we’re here to back you up for it. You needn’t rack your brain understanding your client’s system outages, agility, or reasons for production delays. We’ll do the groundwork for you. We’ll offer advisory services on your behalf. After tackling multiple projects, we know the ins and outs of DevOps pretty well. So, based on our experience, we’ll provide recommendations and pro-tips to get stuff done efficiently for your clients.

Yes. We offer DevSecOps services, too, where we prioritize the security aspects throughout the SDLC. Keeping security in mind from the outset makes it easier for us to fix errors before they go too far in the development cycle. We have seasoned engineers who write secure code to minimize such vulnerabilities. Earlier, security was often ‘tacked on’ at the end of the build cycle. But now, DevSecOps practices help us bake in security tests at every phase like design, integration, and deployment. This results in safer, faster releases without any costly rebuilds at the end.

The CI/CD pipeline involves multiple steps wherein engineers focus on improving software release through continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). We create this release pipeline to maintain an ongoing flow of code into the production and ensure reliable delivery. So, if meeting your client’s software delivery needs seems too daunting for you to handle, get in touch with us. We’ll automate the build, test, and deployment processes through CI/CD to ensure an error-free, fast-paced launch without any stress or last-minute panics.