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We love working with agencies with creative minds and progressive business set ups. We have always been someone who would provide stability, support and scalability to your business. Our service model allows you to focus on sales and managing client relationships, and rely on us for all development needs.

We are flexible and are ready and capable to be involved in any phase of the project with a keen attitude to provide subsequent technical feedback required to create a quality product. Working with more than 50 digital agencies worldwide, we have a very well defined set of processes that can be easily integrated into your internal workflow

On top of our expertise, we are 40-60% less expensive than a freelancer or other agency, which is great value for your business and a competitive edge on any proposal you'd submit. Also, you get backed up by a responsive team of project managers and ever growing talented developers. We provide you an avenue to grow your business without too much hassle

The best part is that your business will experience increased efficiency due to 24 hour a day attention to your projects and super fast turn-around time.




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We Work With

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We here at NonStopWork employ 600+ Developers in our Open Source Division, out of which over 250 odd are skilled in Python, RoR and PHP. We have skilled teams for Frameworks like Django, CakePHP, Yii, Zend, Laravel, etc. In addition, they have skills in PHP-based packages like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.

Around 150 odd are skilled in Frontend technologies, its associated frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, Nuxt, Node, AOP, etc. Apart from this, we have 80 Mobile App Developers (skilled in both Native- iOS & Android & Hybrid frameworks like React Native, Flutter, Ionic, etc.). As of today, we also employ around 70 UI/UX designers

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What Makes NonStopWork Different?


We Are Not A Platform

We are different than outsourcing via sites like UpWork or Toptal because we employ our staff full time who then work from the same building and are managed by an experienced technical or project manager. They go through our training and career development infrastructure.

White Label

White Label

We’re in the relationship business, so we understand and respect the importance of providing our white label partners with options. Whether you choose to keep us behind the scenes or simply position us as a strategic partner, we’ll give you the flexibility you need to provide the solutions your clients require. You can appear capable of offering all services in-house. This means you can now offer additional services to your client without having to hire in-house staff or, lose your core focus.

Partnership Approach


You might want us to attend meetings with you and your client, safe in the knowledge that any difficult web related questions that might occur can be answered with ease. We value our client partnerships and you can trust us to keep on brand should you wish us to work directly with your client (either as you or as a trusted partner).

Get One Week of Work

Get One Week of Work, FREE of Charge

The trial can either be a small task or a certain amount of hours until you are sure of our quality and commitment. Usually, the trial lasts for one week.

Competitive Rates


As always, the scary thing about engaging with a digital agency tends to be the cost. With us you’ll get open, honest rates and advice which presents excellent value for money and a great feeling of being looked after.

Dependable Support


We value long-lasting relationships and don’t say goodbye the moment you see the completed project. Today’s Internet technologies make communications simple, so you can quickly reach us via phone, e-mail or through our advanced project management systems. We provide you with post-launch support service to ensure full customer satisfaction and flawless operation of your site.

Work With Same Person

Work With
Same Person

Our model allows you to work with the same person across multiple projects and hence cultivate a long term relationship

Managed Services


We eliminate the need to micromanage on technical and web development projects and ensure that the developer is always available and working on your projects and get daily updates on whats happening.

Creative Designs


For creative work we have talented team of artists and designers that can meet your expectation every time.


We Follow Your

For Design and build we adhere to your standards, response times requirement or quality control. In case you are not happy with your person who is assigned to you, we will replace the person immediately

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Client Testimonials

97 Out Of 100 Clients Have Given Us A 5-Star Rating

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Awards & Recognition

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Pricing Models

Get a Fixed Cost Quote

Fixed Price Quotes

Our first business model that we generally follow while working with agencies is providing development services on the basis of a project: these projects are estimated, approved and then implemented at a fixed cost for a given scope.

A detailed project plan with milestones and delivery dates will be provided. You will be in the loop of task level communication and weekly updates, where all task level communication is done using our project management system.

Dedicated Hiring

Dedicated Hiring

Our Second model is staff leasing. In this model, you can hire one of our staff as if they’re your full-time employee. We ensure the staff member is supplied with all resources required to perform the job with highest possible motivation and efficiency. The leased developer will be a specialist with a minimum 3 years of experience in the technology specific to your project. Your agency will have the ability to project manage them and assign them the tasks required.

This is by far the most popular model as it offers maximum savings and offer most amount of direct control over who does what and how.

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What Our Clients Says

97 Out Of 100 Clients Have Given Us A 5-Star Rating On Google & Clutch

Tom Condit

Excellent Customer Service


I needed help with several websites and they stepped in and delivered exactly what I needed. Not only were the technical aspects executed but their level of support and feedback was more than I expected.

Tom Condit
Founder, CEO at Coded Sky Design
Roy Kimchi

Great team of talented developers


We hired NonStopWork to help us with some web improvements and design on two of our websites. They worked on optimizing the layout and functionality and tailoring the sites for SEO purposes.

Roy Kimchi
Director of Audio at Richter10.2 Media Group
James Moris

Amazing web developer and company to work with!


NonStopWork built out StudioSesh’s web platform as we went from mobile to a more enterprise solution focus. They are communicative, fast, creative, reliable, and very affordable! Their account manager and product team.

James Morris
Co-Founder & COO at StudioSesh
Jade Sholty

Excellent Work & Attentive to Our Needs


This was my first time hiring NonStopWork. We needed some custom development work done and they did a great job. I don't typically hire outside firms like this but after working with them.

Jade Sholty
Client Focused Web Marketing, Design & Development at Water Walk Media
Farhat Muruwat

Excellent Communication. Friendly Staff. Awesome Project Manager


I used NonStopWork in my technical projects and coding. The team has excellent communication and really care about performing the task well. They respond quickly to emails.

Farhat Muruwat
Digital Marketing Specialist / SEO specialist at Intellectual Point
Ken Hallt

Smooth process and delivery was great.


I used NonStopWork in my technical projects and coding. The team has excellent communication and really care about performing the task well. They respond quickly to emails and they charge a reasonable price for the service.

Ken Hallt
Digital Marketing Specialist / SEO specialist at Intellectual Point
Paul Braun

A dependable part of our team


We are very pleased with our partnership with NonStopWork (NSW). After having had several (all) bad experiences with outsourcing, we find NSW gets it right. They offer a trial period where you can swap out to a new staff personnel.

Paul Braun
Owner, at AccuNet Web Services
Fred Leftrict

Great work by the NonStopWork team!


I have had an excellent experience with NonStopWork. Anir, Uzzal and Susmita have been responsive and professional in responding to my requests and meeting the needs of my company. I recommend them highly!!

Fred Leftrict
Digital Marketing Specialist / SEO specialist at Intellectual Point